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Becoming a 3D Artist/Generalist/Creator(?) wasn't part of my life plan at all. Not that I had figured out my plan, I was sort of in that in-between-stage in life and I stumbled, or, smacked into 3D by chance and I just knew that it was my calling. When you know you know I guess.

I don't actually know what there is to say about me, 3D creating has become such a big part of my life it kind of ruined all my other interests. What did I even do before?? These days I can't take a walk anywhere without seeing a lamppost or something and my brain goes "oh a cylinder on top of a cylinder, nice material mapping on that". It's completely blessed/ruined/changed my life.

On the off chance that I'm NOT by my computer you'll probably find me at the gym, rewatching Sweeney Todd for the five-hundred-and-eleventh time, listening to Rammstein, or looking up various conspiracy theories.

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